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Can Lace Wigs Cause Permanent Damage?

We love lace front wigs because they can create natural-looking appearance, but some people claim to experience discomfort and even allergic reactions due to their method of application. There is tension experienced along the hairline when the glue is adhered to keep the wig in place and is the reason why the hairline can be damaged.

If you have been considering getting lace wigs, read these tips on how to protect your hairline.

The Truth about Lace Wigs in relation to Your Hairline

Sew Icy Boutique’s lace front wigs are made from actual virgin hair. To be clear….. lace front wigs do not damage your hair but the way that the wig is applied does. Improper application and take down methods tend to be the culprits.

Lace front wigs need to be attached to your head using an adhesive such as glue or holding spray. These products should be made specifically for lace front wig applications. Also, consider purchasing an adhesive remover to be used during the uninstall process. The lace wig should only be left on for a few days then removed and cleaned. Your hair should also be washed, conditioned, and left to dry completely before installing the wig again. If properly installed and uninstalled, lace wigs should not damage your hairline in any way.

So, What Will Damage Your Hairline?

1. Wearing the incorrect wig cap or cap size: This can damage your edges due to the excessive friction around the perimeter of your head. If you have your cap size measured by a professional, then you won’t get it wrong.

2. Skipping your wash day: You should never miss a wash day! Not shampooing and conditioning your hair will lead up to product and dirt buildup. Keep your scalp clean and healthy, this promotes growth!

3. Neglecting your hairline: You should have an edges routine, moisturize with products such as Jamaican black castor oil. Massage the scalp including edges to stimulate growth.

4. Constantly using adhesives: If possible, stay away from adhesives to safeguard your hairline. This means that wearing lace front wigs too often using adhesive can damage your hairline. You might choose professional installations or switch up your styles.

5. Use materials that irritate your scalp: Certain products that include sulfates or plastics (like synthetic hair) may cause allergic reactions. In some cases, you might already be aware of what products to avoid.

So what’s the solution: Sew Icy Boutique’s Glueless, Preplucked Wigs

We still offer lace wigs for those who love them but you can easily obtain the same natural look with our glueless closure wigs, baby hairs and all. The perfect thing about them is that it does not require the application of an adhesive. They have adjustable straps, multiple comes, and an elastic band for that tight, secure fit. You can achieve a flawless look using these wigs instead of lace frontals.

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