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Quality Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Hey babes, I just wanted to write this blog to see if anyone else could relate. Browsing through Facebook I stumbled upon a beauty supply selling bundles of hair anywhere from $20 and up. I'm talking long lengths for about $50. Some of you might be like, well that's my type of sale! But one has to stop and think, if they are selling me 20 inch hair for $50 dollars, then that means that they are getting it for $10 to $20 a bundle or less. Ten dollar hair, as we all know doesn't last very long and has its limitations.

Think about the way that $10 hair curls, smells or feels. I don’t miss the smell of plastic on my hair or the coarse, plastic feel that some types may have. I am by no means down talking people who purchase beauty supply hair but I must yell to the masses that there is a better quality of hair out there with your name on it.

People who buy beauty supply hair often find themselves making multiple purchases more often because the hair does not last long. A lot of times this is the benefit of beauty supply hair because you can use it for that sole purpose and there is no commitment to the product. You can toss it away when you are done and prepare for the next style.

But do you value your dollar? Virgin and raw hair are better ways to invest your hard earned dollars. You know how to make a coin but do you know how to keep them? When you purchase high quality hair, it is long lasting and dependable. It is 100% human hair without any synthetic fillers and you will be able style it, store it, and reuse it multiple times.

Virgin and Raw hair are top of the line. This means it will last for a long time and you can style it in multiple ways. I definitely understand that people have a budget and that sometimes you can't turn down a sale but if you are buying $50 bundles every month or every 2 weeks, couldn't you just buy a higher quality of hair and save money or get more out of your purchase? Even if you are on a budget, Sew Icy Boutique has payment friendly options such as Sezzle and Affirm available to meet your needs.

My mom once told me " everything that glitters at gold", meaning that it might look appealing but if you scratch the surface it an old copper penny. I urge you to invest in your hair like you do your outfits or shoes. Your hair can make or break your complete look. Who has time for excessive shedding or tangling or melted hair due to synthetic fibers? Not me, which is why we guarantee each strand and value our loyal customers. Invest in YOU, stop letting these people sell you less than what you deserve. Why be mediocre when you can stand out in the crowd?

Be safe out there, talk to you later.

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