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Virgin Vs. Synthetic Hair

Have you ever purchased a synthetic wig? Think about why you bought it. Was it the shine, the style, the price? And do you also recall how badly it tangled, the smell after multiple uses, and the moment that you threw it away. :) Me too. This is one on the reasons why I choose quality vs price or popularity. I bet you also remember purchasing from a retailer who had a lot hype online or on TV and the items that you received did not live up to your expectations. This shows you that although reviews are good, your experience is your experience. Why purchase cheap hair that doesn't last, when you can invest in hair that will last and offer versatility. Here at Sew Icy Boutique, we have something for everyone but promise high quality items that can be used for long periods of time if cared for properly. No more synthetic wigs or bundles, Invest in yourself. We promise you're worth it!

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