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Why We Love Sew Icy Wigs!

Can you imagine having perfectly styled hair without even styling it?

Well, everything is possible in the world of wigs and hair extensions, and you can make your hair look however you want it to be! Long gone are the days when you were supposed to hide wearing a wig- now you're supposed to flaunt it! From Beyonce to Gigi Hadid, wigs are all over the place. Luxury hair is within your reach with this new trend of hair extensions and HD lace wigs. Wigs have entered the mainstream fashion industry, and they're here to stay because trust us when we say, once you've tried wigs, there's no going back! You can have your hair long, short, straight, curly- absolutely any way you want it to be! Just make sure you're getting the right wig because while wigs are technically fake, they shouldn't look fake.

Nevertheless, if you still need a little convincing before you jump on the bandwagon, we're here for you!

Why Wear Wigs?

So, if you think wigs are just not for you, then you should know that wigs are for everyone- literally! The whole idea of wigs is that they are 100% customizable, and hence, no matter what style you prefer, you can indeed find a wig that fits the bill. With wigs, you can be whoever you want to be! In fact, here are a few reasons why you should just switch to wigs already!

#1 Endless Options

The beauty of wearing a wig is that you can get an instant makeover. You are not limited by hair length, texture, or color, and you can literally wear whatever style you wish. Wigs are available in all sorts of colors and textures, and you can actually get recommendations from your hairstylist on what would look best on you. If you've always wanted to experiment with your hair but we're too afraid to try, then this is your chance to live your dreams!

#2 Hair to Match Your Outfit

Don't you just love matching your accessories with your outfit? Well, why not try the same with your hair? You can get a wig for every occasion- different colors, lengths, and styles to accentuate your look. You can have a different look every day with luxury hair wigs. After all, why should you commit to one style when you can have it all?

#3 No-Styling Styled Hair

If you're anything like us and you find hairstyling to be a bit of a chore but still want to look flawless, then hair extensions are just what you need! You no longer need to heat-style your hair or put in rollers to curl them overnight. Heck, you don't even need to look up hairstyles because you can get ready-made HD lace wigs in all sorts of hairstyles. So, skip the blow-drying, ironing, curling, and coloring, and don't worry about running out of time because your hair is now ever-ready. Hence, you can look your best with zero effort- and if that's not great, we don't know what is!

#4 Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days

Ever had a bad hair day?

Well, not anymore! Not when you have a collection of luscious locks at your disposal. Just pick out a wig from your collection and look your best regardless of a bad hair day. Now all days will be good hair days because you always have hair extensions to count on. So, please don't take any risks, and always be ready to rock with our extra special wig collection!

#5 Protect Your Hair

You shouldn't have to ruin your hair with heat and chemicals just to look good. You don't have to damage your hair with extensive styling anymore, though, because wigs allow you to have pre-styled that you can switch up in an instant. Thus, you can save your hair from damage by keeping the styling to a minimum while still looking fabulous! So, give your hair a break and wear a wig to work today!

#6 Rescue Thinning Hair

Ask any woman, and she'll tell you that hair loss is a HUGE problem and one that is often solved almost unsolvable. Hair products also contribute to hair thinning which ultimately leads to stress and low self-esteem. But don't worry because HD lacewings provide a solution for that too! You can wear a wig anytime and wear it to switch up your look and ensure that you always look your very best!

#7 Bounce Back From Hair Loss Issues

This is for people who have hair loss problems, especially those due to certain diseases like cancer or alopecia. They can easily use wigs to look and feel better until their hair regrows. Hair extensions can help them feel more confident. Therefore, wigs are making a real difference in their lives.

#8 Have Fun

Apart from the more practical reasons, wigs allow you to experiment with your hair without fearing any embarrassing consequences. In fact, you will find loads of variety so you can switch up your look every day! You can have a good hair day every day, and you won't even have to worry about your hair staying in place!

Types of Wigs with Benefits

So, you want to get yourself a wig, but then again, which one?

Each type of wig has its own benefits, and your hairstylist can recommend the best option for you. Nevertheless, here's a description of full lace and lace front wigs so that you can choose the right one!

Full-Lace Wigs

Full-Lace Wigs have lace on the entire base, and hair is actually sewn in so as not to damage the delicate lace. Hence, they are somewhat expensive, but the flexibility that comes along with it makes it truly worth it! These can be styled virtually any way you want them. Plus, the Full-Lace base ensures a natural feel. And of course, breathability is a big factor as well. Not to mention, the lave is both light and durable so that you can even wear these wigs to the gym or a swimming pool.

Lace-Front Wigs

Lace-Front Wigs are precisely what they sound like! They feature lace at the front, which extends to about a few inches above the hairline, wherein a seam joins it to a mesh base anchoring the fake hair. The most significant benefit of this type of wig is that it is super affordable. You can even part the hair at the front to give it a more natural feel. And though they are slightly heavier, you can have much more voluminous hair with these wigs. What's more, they are effortless to put on, and thus, highly recommended for newbies.

Which Type of Wig Should I Wear?

You probably have a good idea of the insane variation in wigs. There are a lot of different types, from synthetic to human hair to even the built of the wig- there's so much to choose from. Not to mention, the styles, colors, and lengths are so many that you won't know where to begin! Another key feature when it comes to choosing a wig is the base material into which the hair is sewn.

There is no straightforward answer to which wig you should choose. The right wig will vary from person to person. Still, here are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect wig, including hairstyle, breathability, past experience with wigs, level of activity, durability, etc.

The Bottomline

Wigs and hair extensions are great because they allow you to look your best every day. Hd front and half lace wigs allow you to style your hair as you please. You can, thus, have luxury hair regardless of the weather. You don't even have to worry about having enough time to get ready because when you use wigs, your hair is ever-ready to be presented. These can be especially useful for people with hair issues such as cancer or alopecia, which cause extreme hair loss.

Check Out Our Ultimate Wig Collection!

If you're interested in wearing wigs, you should know that selecting the right wig is an arduous task. And if your wig is not high quality, it will not be worth flaunting. In fact, if your wig looks fake, you will actually end up doing the opposite of what you intended in the first place! Hence, we suggest that you invest in only the best wigs from our amazing variety at Sewicy Boutique

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