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From Boss to Bundles

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I absolutely love virgin hair bundles. From the smell to the feel to the great textures that are out there. My love for bundles has not alway been there, its something that I had to grow into. I learned at an early age that beauty supply hair was not for me! :) I wanted quality for a bargain price. I had both hits and misses, with the very inexpensive and the very expensive retailers.

I've tried Brazilian, Indian, Burmese, Malaysian, name it! You see, each bundle is not the same and each retailer is not the same. One must love what they are selling and stand behind each item that they sale, in order to bring joy, sassiness, and sexiness to any consumer who craftfully picks their bundles to fit their unique style, their NICHE.

As a teenager, I experimented with the beauty supply brand because it is all that I knew and all that I thought I could afford. In my twenties, I learned about virgin hair and why I was paying so much for this type of hair that could last for years. In my thirties, I am learning about personification through image, and the importance of quality extensions such as the RAW Indian, Cambodian, and Filipino hairs.

As I have aged, the quality of my extensions have changed or maybe I'm a late bloomer! Whatever it may be, BOSS chics at any age need accessibility to great quality and affordable hair extensions.

It's important to me to deliver the best to Sew Icy Boutique customers.

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