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Raw SEA Natural Curly

This hair is the TRUTH! It is beautifully coarse and blends in perfectly with ethnic hair. Don't believe me? Let me tell you what happened to me at grocery store.... As I was being checked out, the cashier said "You have some REALLY long hair!" I smiled and said "Thank you". You see, I had 4 bundles of our Indonesian Natural Curly installed without a closure, so I have leave out at the top. I personally hate leave out but I neglected to buy a closure in time for my install. Everyone who sees me this it's my hair! There is very minimal shedding and because this is Curly hair, it's going to shed no matter what but I only experienced this while manipulating it. I washed it 5 times, curls stayed, and to add the cherry on top, I flat ironed it and it was absolutely gorgeous. The hair is thick, low maintenance when straight and high maintenance when Curly. Enjoy!

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